Thursday, 23 February 2012

Starburst returns

Issue 374 Limited Edition Variant Cover Designed by
Dez Skinn with art by Glenn Fabry
Starburst Magazine returns to print this month! Issue 374 is now available to order by subscription and on sale in specialist outlets. I’m a big fan. Starburst introduced me to the world of SF, Fantasy and Horror way back in 1981. It was in Starburst where I first read about George Romero, Wes Craven, Pete Walker and many others.

The magazine is now edited by Jordan Royce with original Starburst creator Dez Skinn as honorary-editor-in chief and the quality is high.

Starburst has also relaunched as an online website, with site exclusive features and reviews. With an iPad edition on its way the goal is synergy between the magazine, the website and the iPad edition and a reason to read each of them. The website will be an up to date source of news and events with reviews and news posted daily.

In the magazine there are regular columns on horror movies, Doctor Who, TV Zone and an extensive review section (with John Brosnan’s old spot ‘It’s Only a Movie’ now written by editor Jordan Royce.) News Editor, Kris Heys heads up the news column, ‘Things To Come’.

The first issue is a zombie special in a nod to classic issue 48 (an issue close to my heart!) and available in a choice of cover. You can order a copy or take out an annual subscription by heading to the Starburst Magazine website. You can also buy copies from London’s The Cinema Store, Forbidden Planet, and Travelling Man. 

Why not visit the Starburst website now and read my reviews of George A. Romero's Bruiser (now available on UK DVD for the first time) and George Ochoa's new book Deformed and Destructive Beings.


A hero never dies said...

I seem to remember my first Starburst was the one with Christopher Reeve's Superman on the cover, picked up as a child after seeing the first movie in it's original run. i used to buy it religiously but lost interest in the mid 90's.

Jon T said...

I read it around the same time. I remember the Superman cover. My first issue was 44 - a horror special with stills from Halloween 2 and Ghost Story on the cover. I still have a stack of them. If you go on the website there are some PFD down loads of classic issues including the 1982 annual.

Wes M said...

I'm showing my age here by saying this, but I was part of the Dark Side generation of UK Horror mags, in the 90's. I always thought Starburst was a great name for a mag, and that Glenn Fabry cover is very nice - he was always one of my favourite 2000AD artists. There's quite a lot of Horror/Sci-fi magazines on the market at the moment - there's plenty of choice out there. I'm still a regular Video Watchdog reader, it's the only cine-mag I collect, but I've been checking out the Hammer mag Little Shoppe of Horrors lately and it looks fantastic. I should pick up an issue. If I had the funds and the patience I'd love to put together a Cinefantastique collection - it always looked like a very good serious film journal. What kind of magazine collection have you Jon ?

Excellent review of the Bruiser, and I was glad to see a review that managed to salvage some positives from one of Romero's hardest-to-like film.

Jon T said...

Thanks, Wes. Yes, I've paged through a few Little Shoppe of Horrors and it is indeed a good magazine - very in depth and full of obscure stuff.

I don't have much of a mag collection, Wes. Just a stack of old Starbursts and a few Hammer House of Horror. As you say, funds prohibit. I will probably buy a few bits and pieces on Saturday at Frighten Brighton.

How about you?