Friday, 30 March 2012

Cine-Excess VI

The Cult Film Archive is the world's only research centre devoted to the study of cult film. The Archive is run under the directorship of Xavier Mendik, one of cult film's great academics, and each year hosts a conference in London. This year's looks to be especially interesting.

Titled Transglobal Excess: The Art and Atrocity of Cult Adaptation, the conference focuses on 'global adaptations of cult narratives, genres, themes and icons across a broad range of media and fiction formats. From pulp novels into pulp horror films and recent big budget blockbuster remakes of marginal midnight movies, to nationally defined interpretations of the pre-established extreme, the cult image remains a fascinating index of adaptation, whose wide array of remakes, renditions and realisations frequently reveals fascinating issues of nation and narrative, as well cultural, regional and historical distinction.'

Of particular interest to cult film fans are sure to be the two guests of honour, none other than Italian schlockmeisters Enzo G. Castellari (Keoma, The Inglorious Bastards, Bronx Warriors) and Sergio Martino (Torso, The Violent Professionals, Mountain of the Cannibal God) whose work 'both trades on themes and national traditions of cult adaption'.

Also taking part is Texas Chainsaw Massacre scriptwriter Kim Henkel who will be judging a competition for new screenwriters and reading their pitches for horror films.

The conference takes place 24 to 26 May 2012 at the Odeon Covent Garden & The Italian Cultural Institute, London

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