Monday, 18 June 2012

Paracinema #16

Paracinema #16, the film magazine for people who love genre movies, is available to pre-order now from

It's jam-packed with good stuff, including an article by me on the ideology of disaster movies.

Why not go over there now and order your copy!

In Paracinema Issue 16/ June 2012:

Shadowy Suggestion in the Weird West: Val Lewton’s Apache Drums by James (Behind The Couch) Gracey

“Images of Horror and Lust” in Ken Russell’s The Devils
by Samm Deighan

Flinging Lingerie at Police Cars with Lulu, Peaches and Darlene: The Fashionably
True Story of How Female Rebellion Launched the Assault of the Killer Bimbos
by Jonathan Plombon

Recovered Realities: Found Footage and Mockumentary Horror
by C. Rachel Katz

Rehabilitating Daddy, or How Disaster Movies say it’s OK to Trust Authority.
by Jon Towlson

The Films of René Laloux: Notes on the Golden Age of French Science Fiction
by Derek Godin

This Ain’t Hollywood XXX: The Cultural Significance of the Porn Parody
by Justin LaLiberty

Plus much more!


James Gracey said...

Can't wait to get my paws all over this issue! :)

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