Sunday, 19 August 2012

Paracinema - PDF Sampler

It was an honour to have my article 'Rehabilitating Daddy' published in Paracinema last month. And it is an equal honour to have the article chosen as a PDF sampler of what Paracinema has to offer.

Follow the link below to download the PDF of my article from the Paracinema website. While you're there why not order a copy of issue #16 - it's the magazine for people who love genre movies.

Rehabilitating Daddy: Or How Disaster Movies Say its Ok to Trust Authority


Wes M said...

Fantastic stuff Jon, great to see your stuff in more mags especially the very hip Paracinema... I often considered picking up this mag, but it’s a bit steep to import and it seems that almost every issue goes out of print in no time. Luckily, I’m in Chicago on Sunday, and I found a store that sells it so hopefully I shall be reading yr piece in the flesh so to speak...

Jon T said...

Thanks, Wes. Very jealous that you're off to Chicago. I've never been but heard that it's a great place. Hope you find some good stuff in those bookstores over there and look forward to a full report when you return.