Thursday, 20 September 2012

Paracinema 17

Paracinema 17 is now available to preorder from As usual it's an eclectic, exciting mix of writing on genre movies. In this issue:  Of Bonsai and Balance: The Hero’s Journey in The Karate Kid by Patrick Cooper; You Can Clean Up the Mess, But Don’t Touch My Coffin: The Legacy of Sergio Corbucci’s Django by Ed Kurtz ; Be Kind, No Need to Rewind: The Preservation, Demand and Ubiquity of Shot on VHS Cinema in an Increasingly Digital Landscape by Justin LaLiberty; I Don’t Want to See What I Hear: Paranoia and Personality Eradication in The Conversation by Todd Garbarini; Black Cats and Black Gloves: The Influence of the Gothic on Sergio Martino’s Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key by giallo expert James Gracey

My own piece, Endemic Madness: Subversive 1930s Horror, is also included (as the cover article no less!) In it I argue the case for 1930s horror as subversive cinema.

So why not preorder your copy of Paracinema 17 now - it's the film magazine for people who love genre movies.

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