Sunday, 2 December 2012

Friday Night Frights - Ian McCulloch on Zombie Flesh Eaters

I still remember the weekend that my family got their first VCR. Back then in 1981 you could rent such machines and the guy from 'Radio Rentals'  also brought with him a couple of VHS tapes for us to watch, so that we could fully experience the delights of this new phenomenon called Home Video.

The first film was some tosh starring Britt Ekland called The Ultimate Thrill (from Guild Home Video). The other was Zombie Flesh Eaters. The former I watched only twice, the latter I watched four times that weekend alone - I couldn't get enough of it - and rented countless times afterwards, until the day it was unceremoniously taken from the shelves of my local video store during the 'Video Nasties' furore. (I'm talking the Strong Uncut Version!!!)

Now Arrow Video is releasing Zombie Flesh Eaters in a brand spanking new remastered, restored Steelbook/Blu Ray/DVD edition on 3rd December. To read a review of  it by Starburst's Paul Mount go here

And on Friday Night Frights this week it is my absolute pleasure to interview the star of Zombie Flesh Eaters, Ian McCulloch. To listen to Ian's comments on the film (and on working with Lucio Fulci) go here

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