Sunday, 19 August 2012

Paracinema - PDF Sampler

It was an honour to have my article 'Rehabilitating Daddy' published in Paracinema last month. And it is an equal honour to have the article chosen as a PDF sampler of what Paracinema has to offer.

Follow the link below to download the PDF of my article from the Paracinema website. While you're there why not order a copy of issue #16 - it's the magazine for people who love genre movies.

Rehabilitating Daddy: Or How Disaster Movies Say its Ok to Trust Authority

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Friday Night Frights - Pilot

 Friday Night Frights is the new weekly horror podcast from Starburst Magazine, hosted by myself. It launches on the Starburst website in September but readers of this blog can get a sneaky listen to the pilot – a ‘Scream Queen Special’ featuring interviews with Linnea Quigley and original 1977 Hills Have Eyes star Susan Lanier – by following this link Friday Night Frights - Scream Queen Special.

Friday Night Frights will go out on the Starburst website every Friday night; it will complement the weekly Saturday Dr Who Blue Box podcast  and the Starburst Radio Show which airs each Sunday evening on Manchester Radio. There’ll be movie reviews, interviews, special guests and theme nights. It’s designed as a homage to those classic late night local TV shows from the 1960s like Shock Theatre and Pittsburgh’s Chilly Billy’s Chiller Theatre. Although I’m no Vampira I had great fun putting it all together!

I hope you enjoy it and subscribe to the show at Starburst Magazine!