Saturday, 11 May 2013

Friday Night Frights - Richard (Cyberschizoid) Gladman on the Classic Horror Campaign

The BBC horror double bills of the 1970s and 1980s have a place close to my heart, as they do for many British horror fans. In fact I trace the origins of this project to a specific date: 22 July 1978. That was the night BBC2 screened a double bill of The Quatermass Experiment and The Crazies. The first film I loved but the second film... it changed my life. And those double bills did the same for many fans, journalists and film-makers.

So I'm delighted to have Richard Gladman (aka Cyberschizoid ) on this week's Friday Night Frights to talk about the Classic Horror Campaign - his initiative to persuade the BBC to bring back the classic horror double bill. Richard's campaign has the support of many industry names and both his websites are nominated for this year's Rondo Awards.

Good Luck to Richard. I hope he wins and I hope you all go to the Rondos to vote for him, as well as signing his On-line petition

Liten to the podcast here

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