Monday, 14 October 2013

Gunnar Hansen on Chainsaw Confidential

Gunnar Hansen took time out from his book tour to talk to me about his new book Chainsaw Confidential

Read the interview here.

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Wes M said...

Good stuff Jon and glad I was to see this as I'd forgotten this book was coming out after getting word of it some months ago. Texas Chainsaw Massacre remains my favourite Horror film so I take much pride in the fact that Gunnar Hansen and I share the same birthday (on the 4th of March). I suspect when you interviewed Hansen he was holding back on stories for the book, but I think my favourite from the TCM shoot is an incident during the legendary 27 hour day when Hansen struggling with a malfunctioning effect to simulate cutting Marilyn Burns' finger lost his cool and cut her finger for real, such was his exhaustion and frustration to get the film finished...