Friday, 27 September 2013

Thanatomorphose (2012)

Rotting never felt this good! So says the publicity for this jaw-dropping (literally) body horror feature debut from French-Canadian director Eric Felardeau. Reminiscent of New French Extremity films like Inside and In My Skin, Thanatomorphose takes its title from the French term for 'the visible signs of an organism's decomposition caused by death'. That pretty much sums up the plot: alienated young sculptress, Laura (Kayden Rose) moves into a Montreal apartment where she spends her time suffering in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Antoine (Davyd Tousignant), and feeling equally rejected by the artistic establishment who refuse her an arts grant. She is dying inside (literally). One morning she wakes up to find her body slowly and inexorably starting to decay...
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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Space Monsters - Issue 2


The amazing Cyberschizoid AKA Richard Gladman has just sent me news that issue two of his fanzine Space Monsters is now available to preorder. Das is good, ja? I loved the first issue and issue two, with its theme of Space Vampires, looks every bit as scrummylicious (especially as Emily Booth and Billy Chainsaw have both joined an already stellar writing team).

To preorder Space Monsters go here

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Digital FilmMaker Magazine Issue 8

New and emerging film makers may want to check out the new  issue of Digital Filmmaker Magazine. It has lots of hints and tips on everything from screenwriting software, to shooting in RAW.

And if you're an independent horror director you might want to check out my article, WHY FILMMAKERS LOVE TO SHOOT HORROR, with contributions from the filmmakers themselves.

You can buy/ subscribe to Digital FilmMaker Magazine here.  You can buy the digital version here. Or buy it in person at your local W. H. SMITHS.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Book Update!

I am guilty of having neglected this blog. It's been over three months since my last post, but I have an excuse. I've been working solidly on the book for which this blog is 'companion', and am pleased to say that it's now finished and sent to the publishers.

It's been quite a journey these last few months; hard work for sure, but very fulfilling. It's the culmination of five years' research and writing, and now the words are on the page I feel sad that it is in some ways over, although the work is not finished yet. There's proofing and indexing and marketing and promotion to come. Exciting stuff!

One of the joys of working on the book these past few months has been finding the movie stills to illustrate it. I've been incredibly fortunate to have received the help of the legendary Ronald V. Borst, who has delved into his own private collection of movie memorabilia to provide some rare stills from movies like Cat People (1942), House of Whipcord (1974), Shivers (1975), Witchfinder General (1968) and countless others. Ron wrote the book Graven Images, which features hundreds of amazing movie posters from his collection, and he also provided movie stills from Kevin Brownlow's excellent documentary, Universal Horror (2000). I met him in his shop, Hollywood Movie Posters on Hollywood Boulevard, and I am grateful to him and his wife, Margaret for all their help. Harvey Fenton at Fab Press also provided me with difficult-to-find stills from Frightmare (1974), while Joyce Pierpoline, producer of Teeth (2008), graciously provided me with stills from her film, and Greg Chick at Blue Underground helped me out with images from Deathdream (1972).

And still more exciting news: the foreword has been written by none other than Jeff Lieberman, the director of Squirm (1976) and Blue Sunshine (1977). He has written a fantastic piece about the subversive qualities of his films, adding an extra layer to the book whilst supporting its arguments at the same time. I really couldn't have asked for more. Thank you, Mr Lieberman!

Publication is set for Spring 2014, and I'll provide updates over the coming months. In the meantime I'm looking forward to getting back to regular posting and catching up with other people's blogs.