Selected articles and reviews

Book Review: Fascination (Jean Rollin)         Starburst Magazine, June 2016
Book Review: Frightmares                              Starburst Magazine, June 2016

Spielberg Goes Sublime: Close Encounters
Of the Third Kind                                            British Film Institute, May 2016

Book Review: Cult Cinema (Arrow)               Starburst Magazine, March 2016

Book Review: Satanic Panic                           Starburst Magazine, Jan 2016

Book Review: Larry Cohen Interviews           Starburst Magazine, Nov 2015

Festival Report: Mayhem 2015                       Starburst Magazine, Nov 2015

On Jeff Lieberman’s Blue Sunshine                Institute of Contemporary Arts, May 2014

Interview with Larry Fessenden                     Digital Filmmaker Magazine, April 2014

Book Review: Sheer Filth                               Starburst Magazine, March 2014

Interview: Eric Falardeau                              Starburst Magazine,  Nov 2013

Interview: Gunnar Hansen                             Starburst Magazine, Oct 2013

Interview: Jason Blum                                    Starburst Magazine, April 2013

An Abomination on the Silver Sheet:              Bright Lights Film Journal, Nov 2012
In Defence of Tod Browning’s Skill               
As a Director in the Sound Era

Movie Review: Maniac (2012)                        Starburst Magazine, Nov 2012

Interview: Rick Baker                                      Starburst Magazine, Nov, 2012

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 4            Starburst Magazine Nov 2012

Is the Found Footage Genre Lost?                 Starburst Magazine, Oct 2012

Interview: Kevin Van Hentenryck,                  Starburst Magazine, Oct 2012
Star of Basket Case.

Movie Review: Basket Case – The Trilogy      Starburst Magazine, Oct 2012

Rehabilitating Daddy, or How the                  Paracinema, Issue 16 / June 2012
Disaster Movie says it’s OK to Trust

Interview with Eduardo Sanchez, director      Starburst Magazine, June 2012
of  Blair Witch Project

Demons Within: Exorcism Movies                   Starburst Magazine, March 2012

Movie Review: George Romero’s Bruiser     Starburst Magazine February 2012

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